How do you get healthy hair?

By maintaining a proper and balanced diet, avoiding inflammatory foods which age the hair before time and follow a diet rich in slowly-digested sugars (fruits and vegetables) and foods that contain Omega 3 (to activate microcirculation). Almonds are the best (magnesium activates enzymatic reactions important for the health of one’s hair), nuts (copper starts the keratinization processes) and iron (essential for circulation and therefore for the scalp). It is also necessary to use shampoos and masks or suitable treatments: you must protect your hair from external agents (sun, wind, salt, chlorine and smog) with specific products and repair it if damaged.

Does gel cause hair loss?

No, the products currently on the market are cosmetic, and gel is applied on the surface and does not penetrate the hair structure.

Do you have to have dirty hair when you have it coloured?

With oxidation colours it would be better not to have clean hair or washed the same day, since colour could irritate the scalp due to the ammonia and hydrogen peroxide in it; instead, with new-generation products, i.e. tone on tone or non-ammonia colouring, it is best to have clean hair because any lipid-based substance (sebum, oil, wax, foundation or moisturizers) would result in a barrier to the colour.