The shampoo rouses the senses thanks to delicate and gentle gestures and the massaging movement of our relaxing armchairs, helping the well-being of both the body and the mind. After a relaxing Bain your hair is ready for treatment with each lock cared for with a careful and precise method. Whether you are in a hurry or want to chill-out for a while, we will find a personalised answer to your needs.


For a perfect hair styling, material, brilliance and high-hold require first-rate performance treatments followed by a customised coiffage. This allows the set to stay longer and the hair to move freely with a dashing flow. From straight hair to Beach Waves, each styling will be thought and realised to meet the structure of your hair.


In addition to being constantly updated our cuts are created according to the shape of the face and the type of body, so as to maximize the uniqueness of each individual. Length and volume, along with colouring, are key to a lady’s choice of haircut; practicality and precise cuts, instead, determine the look of a man. We also cater for children.


Colour is an important accessory for women; whether it is needed or just to have a new look can make a difference if studied and realized respecting the shape of the face and skin complexion. Today there is a wide range of colours on offer able to fit every need and style, from classic colours to tone on tone.


Degradè allows to colour, lighten and tone your hair, solving the problems of changing colour and covering your hair in a single application. A colouring technique which provides a natural result, obtained by applying up to four different shades with a darker to lighter gradation, and thus personalising the final effect according to the needs and taste of each customer.


Currently there are so many colouring methods which have revolutionized the fashion world, bringing innovation and creativity. The most common is the Shatush, which together with Balayage allows lengths and tips bleaching giving the look of hair naturally bleached by the sun and water. The hair is divided into locks, backcombed, and then bleached at low volumes from the lengths upwards, with different tones, slightly lighter than their natural colour. Along with these new techniques we also apply traditional ones, such as Highlights and Meches, which create lighter shades of 2 or 3 tones from the root to the tips.


Hair styling is the epitome of elegance and refinement. It follows a style based on the place, context and gown; the latter, in particular, is closely linked with fashion, allowing it to match the hair to the rest of the look by choosing the most suitable accessories.


Bride and Groom service, where the look comes from blending taste and style. Everything is taken care of, from the hair style to clothing, details and accessories. We accompany the woman in the choice of hairstyles for the best bridal and groom and makeup, taking into account the morphology and complexion, and design the perfect cut and styling.


Extensions are true beauty tools, since they allow to change one’s look with artificial stretching or thickening one’s hair. The practice of applying extensions comes from India, where hair symbolizes personal glory, thus becoming a precious gift. The quality of the extensions and their application are key to obtain a natural result without damaging the structure of the hair.